Coping With Economic Crisis

June 4, 2012

The economic crisis that engulfed the world actually began in Michigan. When it first occurred, I told an Australian acquaintance of mine, ‘as goes Michigan, so goes the world. Watch and see.’ My Australian friend thought that was an arrogant thing for a Detroiter to say, yet at the same time, events have proven me correct.

Therefore it is no surprise that it is in Michigan that the citizens began a survival strategy that has been being picked up in various places, states, and now even countries.

Deep into the crisis, many Michigan citizens began bartering, using gold and silver coins instead of Federal Reserve Notes, for goods and services.

Michigan Citizens Barter

While as yet the State government doesn’t accept gold and silver for taxes, and neither do utility companies, using those coins is an incredibly smart thing to do.

Using commodities like Great Lakes water to guarantee scrip for use in barter and taxes would help Michigan citizens have the financial means to rebuild Michigan’s dying economy.

Commodities like gold and silver are not affected by the inflation that is a hidden tax, an evil and insidious means of sucking the value out of the labor and assets of every citizen.

This survival strategy was recently picked up by Greek citizens, who are watching their entire country, their economy, and their entire social structure being destroyed by the currency crisis and the siphoning and outright seizure of public assets by banks and ‘debtors’.

Greek Citizens Barter

Michigan is one state with enormous wealth of commodities, and it is a state that, like Alaska, could enrich itself and its citizens by tying scrip to those commodities. Water is the new oil, and Michigan is surrounded by it. No matter where you stand in Michigan, you are never more than 8 miles from a fresh water source.

Currently water from the Great Lakes is being siphoned off by a subsidiary of Nestle, who pays the state of Michigan the whopping sum of $175 per YEAR for the privilege.

If, like Alaska, the corporations siphoning off the water were to pay the state real money per gallon, as the citizens have to, not only could the state government be funded and the pressure on the citizens eased, but also like Alaska, money could actually be put into the pockets of Michigan citizens.

The economic crisis is only getting worse. Despite the government intervention in the automobile industry, plants are deliberately closed, jobs deliberately exported, and financial resources deliberately drained from the entire state.

It is long past time for Michigan to look to other alternatives to use its commodities, to protect those commodities from corrupt confiscation through inflation and crony glad-handing, and to do the things that benefit the citizens and their survival.

Creating scrip backed by the water, the copper, and other commodities that the state is rich with would go a long way to give the citizens the resources necessary to rebuild the state with.



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