Exploding Heads and a Grateful Heart

December 28, 2012
Here I sit, a bit dazed and bewildered, wondering what the heck just hit me last year. The Supreme Court ruled Obama Care is a tax and therefore Constitutional. The unintended consequences of our aid to Libyan rebels continued to escalate. Egypt is still receiving hundreds of millions in US aid which we have to borrow from China even though Egypt is now under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood, a sworn enemy of Israel and the West. Iran and N. Korea remain hell-bent upon developing nuclear bombs and ICBMs. Syria’s President Assad not only killed over 40,000 of his own countrymen, but armed his saran gas stock pile. World economies are teetering on the brink of collapse. Meanwhile, back at home again, the Federal government files lawsuits against sovereign states, weakening the strength of the 10th amendment. US businesses continue to outsource to foreign countries, and domestic manufacturing jobs consistently dwindle. The president has repeatedly gone behind the back of Congress and issued hundreds of Executive Orders, and appointed countless czars in administrative positions which are not accountable to Congress. The National Day of Prayer was canceled, yet Ramadan was celebrated in the White House. Now it seems our 2nd amendment to keep and bear arms is under attack yet again …this time, not from just within our borders, but from the United Nations as well. The UN’s Agenda 21 is creeping into our communities under the guise of ‘for the good of the people’. The list goes on into ad infinitum. No wonder it feels like my head is exploding!
Okay, now that I’ve listed scads of things I find left wanting, you’re probably expecting to read some great revelations about how I believe we should go about resolving the ills of our country and the world about us. There are only two trains of thought I can think of at the moment. One is to continue to pray, be ever vigilant, hold fast to my convictions, and encourage others to do the same. I know that the odds of everything above being fixed are pretty slim, hence, #2 is self preservation. I cannot go on much longer with an exploding head, folks! Therefore, I’ve decided to set some realistic goals as my New Years Resolutions with the hope of realizing the gratification one receives with an accomplished goal. They are: 1) Sleep while lying down. 2) Use email more than the US Post Office. 3) Laugh and smile. 4) Breathe. 5) Walk somewhere. 6) Watch the rain. 7) Say, “Thank you.” 8) Read a book. 9) Eat. And last but not least, pray.


Yes, you may be thinking those are pretty silly goals. Not at all! You see, every one of those things I intend to accomplish are a few of the things I am truly grateful for the ability to do. If all I did was stew and fret about all that stuff at the beginning of this post, I’m quite sure my head would explode. Though my responsibilities as a citizen of this Republic have not diminished, at least I’ll be able to go about them more easily so long as I have a grateful heart.
Happy New Year,
Carson Wright


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