Focus On The Backbone

December 15, 2012

Today’s world has so many distractions we easily forget where we came from and seldom pause long enough to focus on where we are going. Not long ago we were focused on Fast and Furious, then the elections with all their peculiar frivolous distractions. Next, Benghazi, back to the elections, the Fiscal Cliff, a shooting in Kansas City, Holiday Trees in Rhode Island, back to the Fiscal Cliff, Michigan’s Right to Work, and now the tragic massacre at Sandy Hook. All the while, one after another, executive orders are issued and presidential appointments are being made faster than weeds in my vegetable garden. Is it any wonder we’ve lost sight of our values?

Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The Bible is the cornerstone for American liberty.” That’s right; this country was founded upon Judeo/Christian values. Recently, however, small minorities such as the ACLU and atheists, along with many socialistic/progressive government leaders of our country are busy trying to make the Constitution a ‘living’ document. In other words, they want to change the very instrument which made this Republic so great in the first place. They would, if allowed to continue, evict God and rely upon the wisdom of a few fallible men. The Bible says, “The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God.” Psalm 14:1 When we cast our humility aside and position ourselves above God, we are bound to be doomed.

I was inspired to write this piece after reading about the cancellation of Christmas celebrations aboard the USS Bush which is stationed in Bahrain. It seems that the Military Association of Atheists and Freethinkers filed a complaint with the Navy’s Inspector General citing, among other things, the fear that we might offend the Muslims who live there. If anything, forsaking our most cherished values demonstrates weakness in the eyes of Islamists. Do you think for one minute that they are going to denounce Allah by being silent? Heck, no! Theirs is an ideology they are willing to die for before being silenced. Maybe that’s the reason we are in the process of losing face around the world? I wonder.

We have allowed the voices of a few to influence the masses. Why? How could this happen? Oh, “I might offend someone.” “I don’t like conflict.” “It doesn’t matter that much.” Really? Is apathy so alive and well that our spines have rubberized? I believe it’s high time we take a stand for our beliefs, our Constitution, and last but not least, our God.

A great man once said, “If you fall under the delusion that you cannot win this country back you will lose it.” Therefore, I urge you to write and call your congressman incessantly. Remember, they work for us. I urge you to encourage your friends and those you work with to do the same. Cast political correctness under the bus or we will surely find ourselves under it instead!

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas,
Carson Wright



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