Gun Control and Temporary Security

January 6, 2013

“People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” [Benjamin Franklin] We cannot afford to allow our freedoms to be stripped away like this!


By now, virtually everyone in tune with current events has heard and voiced their opinions on the second amendment. Volumes have been written, digested, and argued with seemingly few gun control enthusiasts switching their point of view in favor of supporting this Constitutional guarantee. And that is exactly what proponents of Agenda 21 and the New World Order (NWO) want …to disarm America and her citizens. Liberal legislators are scrambling to push new laws through which make it illegal for law abiding citizens to keep and bear arms. And many undecided non gun owners are being swayed by the emotional pleas of these politicians and the main stream media (MSM) to rescind our right to keep and bear arms.


So, what is Agenda 21 and how does it affect our second amendment rights?


In a nutshell, Agenda 21 is a plan of action by the United Nations body which supports the following according to the final report by the UN’s Commission on Global Governance, titled Our Global Neighborhood.


  • Establishing an Economic Security Council to oversee worldwide economies
  • Authorizing the United Nations and its agencies to impose global taxes
  • Instituting a UN army
  • Terminating the veto power of permanent members, including the USA
  • Creating an international Criminal Court
  • Creating a new body of the UN for “civil society”, where advocates for the environment, population control, etc. can play a roll in policy making
  • Placing the authority for regulating authority for regulating the production and distribution of arms with the UN (gun control)
  • Granting mandatory jurisdiction in the International Court of justice for all members
  • Ceding jurisdiction over the global commons, such as oceans, space, and the environment, to the Trusteeship Council


Obviously, there are a lot more frightening things to Agenda 21 than just gun control, but I’d like to stay on topic.


The problem about being lured into signing a treaty with the UN body is not just the ambiguous wording, but the fact that it can be amended at any time and we will be bound, regardless of what our constitution says, to abide. Our constitution provides that we are duty bound to any and all treaties we enter into, and that such treaties shall take precedence over any existing law in this country. Therefore, in light of all the other goals mentioned above, the regulation of arms fits perfectly into the UN’s hand of a New World Order where the US is no longer a Sovereign Nation, but merely a subject of the world with no more say so than a country like Andorra, with a land mass of only 468 square miles, or dictatorships like Nicaragua. We cannot afford to allow our freedoms to be stripped away like this!


“The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of Tyrants.” [Albert Camus] After every mass shooting, the anti-gun zealots in our congress come out, stand on their stumps and preach for a safer America by means of tighter gun control …if not the total confiscation of fire arms for the ‘greater good’, of course. How many times must it be repeated that the primary reason of the second amendment was to protect the people from the tyranny of government. History has shown time and again that all governments get bigger, never smaller. They feared that at some point this would happen on our shores as well, therefore placing a hopeful safeguard against such a possibility.


When the elected become addicted to power and seek more, tyranny rears its ugly head. It seems many politicians today seek public approval by playing to the heartstrings of America immediately following any crisis, especially mass shootings. Soon after, the people are disarmed “for the welfare of humanity” and the government no longer fears nor respects their countrymen. In the 20th century alone, nearly 170,000,000 souls were slaughtered by their own governments shortly after their means of self defense (gun ownership) was taken away. I’m not saying that our government is on the verge of doing something as hideous as that any time soon, but what I am suggesting that the door would be open for such an atrocity should the populace be disarmed. We cannot afford to allow our freedoms to be stripped away like this!


The MSM, in their quest for larger audiences, hence paying sponsors, plays the heartstring tune as well. Some, admittedly, air their slant on stories like this out of deep personal conviction. However, if it wasn’t profitable, I’m convinced that news stories about mass shootings and commentary supporting gun control would only get a mere mention from most news media. Think about it. Shortly after porn star, Anna Nicole Smith, died of a drug overdose in 2007, President Gerald Ford also died. Media attention to Ford’s life and accomplishments gained only hours of their time while Smith’s story went on for week after week after week! Why? Because it sold. It’s what people wanted to hear about. It ultimately was about revenue in their coffers. I rest my case. So also is all the current hype about gun control. It sells. People like sensationalism. And playing on our heartstrings makes money. We cannot afford to allow our freedoms to be stripped away like this!


Self defense is another matter. A man’s home is his castle, and he has the right to defend himself and his family. Most states allow for the inhabitants of a home to defend themselves with a firearm if an intruder threatens them. Some states like Iowa, for instance, allow the citizen to meet force with equal force. I’m not quite sure how that works out for the unfortunate soul who faces an intruder who is armed with a switchblade, and the owner only has a gun. I suppose that in order to comply with the law, the owner has to say something like, “Hold that pose while I go get a kitchen knife. Uh, just a second there, buddy. How long do you think that blade on you knife is?” For the unprepared living anywhere, calling 911 isn’t usually the most expeditious avenue to rescue and/or safety. Remember, when seconds count, the nearest police officer is just minutes away.


Make no mistake; the second amendment is under attack. It’s under attack by proponents of Agenda 21 (Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and John Kerry are on that list along with roughly 200 other countries), numerous left wing progressive legislators, and the MSM. Benjamin Franklin said, “People willing to trade their freedom for temporary security deserve neither and will lose both.” We cannot afford to allow our freedoms to be stripped away like this!



Carson Wright


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